Fall Weather Means Fall Smells. Fire Pits, Fire Places, and Your Hair

But don’t catch your hair on fire! Because, well, that would be bad! Honestly though, isn’t this just the best time of the year? Thanksgiving is next week and then Christmas will be here before you know it. Then it’s 2014 baby! What are you most excited about this fall? Pumpkin lattes? Or maybe you are a Peppermint Mocha person? Either way, mix those smells with a few of my hair perfumes and you are on your way to a fun filled and holiday smell filled rest of the year!

After careful consideration, I have narrowed down two of my hair scents as being the fall(iest)! And the winners are….

CUPCAKE and APPLE PEAR Hair Shots! Now, why did I pick those two? Because they are food flavored? Well, you wouldn’t be wrong with that guess…haha!  These two are super duper warm and pair perfect with your winter scarves and gorgeous snow boots! Whether you are skiing on the slopes or sitting near the fire, or maybe evening relaxing on the beach (shout out to my warm-weathered states!), these fall hair fragrances are sure to get you into the season’s mood! 

So grab these smells at any of my nationwide locations or order online and have them before Santa gets here! Perfect for stocking stuffers as well!


See you next Monday,