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Hair Deodorizer Spray: A Summer Camp Essential

Ya’ll it is almost summer which means summer camps! So you have to make sure your little campers pack their hair deodorizer spray. I mean how many 10 year olds do you know who will remember to take a shower if you’re not there to tell them? Hair Deodorizer Spray Saves The Day When I was in college I would... Read More

Cupcake Perfume Hair Spray To Keep You Cozy

Do you ever have those weeks where you’re just completely obsessed with something? Like something you love already but one week you’re just like I LOVE CUPCAKE PERFUME HAIR SPRAY!!! Because that’s how I’m feeling this week. It’s been my go-to hair fragrance all week and I just can’t... Read More

Hair Shot of Sugar

Happy August! Have you had your hair shot of sugar yet? School is just around the corner, but so is so much more summer! Don’t let these last few days of sun and fun get away from you and grab your Watermelon hair perfume and hop in the lake. Hair Shot of Watermelon! After a long day of getting in last minute... Read More

Adventure Hair Say What

Adventure hair awaits. Oh, the adventure hairs we will go on. Oh darling, let’s be adventurer hair. I love famous quotes. And I love bending them to my will. Ha. Okay, so you’re probably thinking to yourself, “What on Earth does Amy even mean by saying that!?” Is that a thing? It most certainly... Read More

St. Patrick’s plus Hair Tricks

Ahh, the week of green. Did you know that green is my favorite color? It is! And green is the color of spring, well one of them. Pink is too. You can totally scent your hair with all the colors of spring. Like the pink of Strawberry Hair Scent. Or the pinks and oranges seen in a mango, like Coconut Mango Perfume for... Read More

A Fragrance for Hair for Every Mood!

I have to say, I have one basic “do” that I do with my hair. But some days my hair style is based on my mood. Do you ever have those days? Feeling cozy, so you toss up a bun. No time to wash, so you make a braid. Or some days, you’re feeling super glamorous…so you throw in some sparkle! Well,... Read More

It’s hot, grab a hair shot.

Did you know there are hundreds of ways to use coconut and mango in your life? First there’s food, mango salsa, coconut cream pie, etc. Decoration designs, like hanging fake mangos for a luau, or the classic coconut bra. Then’s there’s beauty purposes, coconut oil as makeup remover and I just learned... Read More

Citrus Sugar Scented Hair Mist Takeover!

Alert everyone! The new scent is finally here! I am so happy to announce that the new scented hair mist, Citrus Sugar is finally in bottles and on the shelves. We have been working hard in the lab to create something new and fabulous for you. Everyone loves our fruity Hair Shots, so this time around I focused on... Read More

Easter Baskets Full of Hair Fragrance!

Happy Easter to you! It’s this weekend can you believe it? It feels super early this year but it is one of my most favorite times of the year. The family gets all back together since Christmas and I love catching up with each and every member. Plus who doesn’t love a little egg hunt? Or waking up to see... Read More

Bamboo Hair Fragrance

Happy January everyone! I can’t believe the month is almost gone! Crazy how 2015 has just taken me by storm. It feels like I already need a vacation. But who has time for that? Instead, I’ll just be over on my couch, drinking my homemade coconut cream coffee and spritzing in my Bamboo hair fragrance. Hello... Read More

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