Citrus Sugar Scented Hair Mist Takeover!

Alert everyone! The new scent is finally here! I am so happy to announce that the new scented hair mist, Citrus Sugar is finally in bottles and on the shelves. We have been working hard in the lab to create something new and fabulous for you.

hair perfume Everyone loves our fruity Hair Shots, so this time around I focused on creating something clean and fresh. Citrus Sugar hair perfume has a touch of sweetness and all the sass of something light and crisp. This will surely be your go-to scented hair mist for summer. And this year I’ve been focusing on trying new things. So I encourage all you lovely ladies out there to do the same. Go on, be wild and make bold choices! Add some sass to your sweet. Like mixing sugar in with the citrus…

Citrus Sugar scented hair mist will be available online by the end of next week and in stores soon to follow. So be checking the site so you can order immediately for the summer!

I love new products and I know you do too! Let’s embrace the new season together with a little Citrus Sugar.

See you next week,