Cupcake Perfume Hair Spray To Keep You Cozy

Do you ever have those weeks where you’re just completely obsessed with something? Like something you love already but one week you’re just like I LOVE CUPCAKE PERFUME HAIR SPRAY!!!

perfume hair sprayBecause that’s how I’m feeling this week. It’s been my go-to hair fragrance all week and I just can’t get enough. Honestly, I think it has to do with this new body lotion I just bought that this delicious mixture of vanilla and sugar and my Cupcake hair shot just pairs with it perfectly! I smell like a vanilla cupcake all day and who doesn’t want that smell in their lives all the time?

Plus, as much as I want it to be spring (like NOW), I have to accept the fact that winter might be sticking around a little bit longer. No thanks to Punxsutawney Phil seeing that shadow. Ugh! I can’t even handle 6 more days but 6 weeks?! Why! I guess I have to embrace it. The snow isn’t melting and the Winter Olympics are on so…I guess I’ll hit the slopes! Just kidding, like I know how to ski or snowboard. But I do know how to sled! And sit by a fire. I’ll probably just sit by the fire. But please go ski and snowboard if you love to because you still have the time! You’ll know where to find me..

See you next week,