Hair Mist Spray Your Way Into Someone’s Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day my loves! Are you going to hair mist spray your way into someone’s heart this week? Oh how I love this fun holiday! Most people dread it if they aren’t in a relationship but I see it as an extra day to celebrate ALL who you love. Like best friends and sisters and children and parents and neighbors and the list goes on and on.

hair mist spray

For as long as I can remember, my grandmother would always give me a small box of chocolates with a twenty dollar bill taped to the bottom. It was only ever about 5 pieces but I loved them! And the cash too of course. I loved that she thought of me on that day, it’s something so simple yet so special to make me feel loved. The simple things are the best. Who do you share this day with? How do you share it? If you need an idea for an easy gift, I think I know of something!

Strawberry Hair Mist Spray

Nothing like a tray of chocolate covered strawberries to start your day, or end it. Or like even in the middle. Okay so really there’s never a bad time for a chocolate covered strawberries! Now imagine this…smelling like a strawberry all day! Yes please! If you need a simple Valentine’s Day gift, try grabbing a few bottles of Strawberry hair perfume for each one of your near and dear. This fruity and delicious scent will have you feeling loved all day and get you in the mood for Spring! Hello winter, please leave. Momma needs her sun!

Comment below and let me know how you plan to celebrate the big day of love!

See you next week,