Hair Fragrance Stays Active So You Can Too

The Winter Olympics begin this week! I hope they all packed a bottle of their favorite hair fragrance before they headed off to South Korea. Okay so maybe the entire world doesn’t entirely know of Hair Shots…yet that is. Oh they will know soon. Bahahaha!

hair fragranceOkay so I’m not a maniacal evil villain but I am a passionate business owner who wants everyone to fall in love with hair perfume as much I have. And do you know who already loves it a bunch? Volleyball players. Now I know I brought up the Winter Olympics and that volleyball is a summer sport…but both events are pretty darn active. And being active also means being very sweaty. The more you sweat the more Hair Shots works for you! Remember, it’s heat activated and gets stronger while you get stronger too.

Hair Fragrance Volleyball Dreams

If this is the first blog post of mine that you have ever written, you should know that volleyball is what started Hair Shots in the first place. And if you have read every single blog post since the beginning then you know this story probably just as well as I do. The photo above was taken at the Lone Star Classic in Dallas last year. I’ll be at the one this year in April! My daughter doesn’t play on a team anymore but I love being around the sport and the girls who play it. It feels like another home. These girls are the ones who inspired it all!

Honestly, I love sports of all kind. That’s why I love the Olympics and can’t wait to see what these people can do on the ice and snow! I love figure skating and curling. What sport are you looking forward to most? Do you play one of the sports that will be competing this year? What hair fragrance do you keep in your gym bag before you hit the winter slopes? Comment and let me know!

See you next week,