St. Patrick’s plus Hair Tricks

Ahh, the week of green. Did you know that green is my favorite color? It is! And green is the color of spring, well one of them. Pink is too. You can totally scent your hair with all the colors of spring.

scent your hairLike the pink of Strawberry Hair Scent. Or the pinks and oranges seen in a mango, like Coconut Mango Perfume for Hair. But where is the green you ask? On a cute stick-on mustache of course. I hear mustaches help you smell better.

So how are you celebrating St. Patty’s this week? I know most of us will be outside to enjoy the parades. Well, my town does a parade, does yours? When you’re outside don’t forget to scent your hair with your favorite Hair Shot! I think you can guess that Strawberry hair fragrance and Coconut Mango scented hair mist are my picks for the week and this fun holiday.

scent your hairI also wanted to let you, my Hair Shots family, know some more exciting news! We were recently featured in Health Magazine! Health is a great read to get you in the mood for Spring and different ways you can stay healthy this summer. And of course while you’re working on your fitness, Hair Shots has got your back. Well, the back of your hair. With each swing of your ponytail while you’re on the treadmill, everyone in the gym will get a sweet sniff of Strawberry.

So this Spring and into summer and at all the St. Patty’s parades, scent your hair with Hair Shots.

See you next week,