Hair Shot of Sugar

Happy August! Have you had your hair shot of sugar yet? School is just around the corner, but so is so much more summer! Don’t let these last few days of sun and fun get away from you and grab your Watermelon hair perfume and hop in the lake.

Hair Shot of Watermelon!

hair shotAfter a long day of getting in last minute summer activities and athletics, you’re going to need a refresher. Playing beach volleyball but want to catch a drive-in movie later? Hair Shots. Spent all day water skiing on the lake but need to go to dinner with your grandparents? Hair perfume. And what do you do if you’ve been running your farmer’s market booth all day in the sun but have a birthday party right after? You grab a hair shot of sugar of course! With Watermelon scented hair mist. Getting rid of smelly hair is easy when you can water your melon with a few shots of sugar. Just ask one of our loyal users, Dani, she commented that “this scent is fabulous” and that she “loves the refreshing smell she gets during exercise.” How great is that?

Don’t you want a fabulous refreshing scent? Well you can! It’s just a click away right here. With online ordering, getting a refreshing scented head of luscious locks is as easy as a summer breeze.

See you next week,