Good Hair with Good Friends

Good friends help you have good hair am I right? Nothing like getting ready with your besties for a night out on the town and you all help each other get that perfect dancing look. I’m talking wavy curls, fancy braid, or a classic primped bob. Whatever hair is your blessing, a true friend will always make sure you are staying fresh.

Good Hair, Good People

good hairI love my friends, they are like another home for me when I spend time with them. And to show my appreciation for them, I like to give them little trinkets. AKA Hair Shots. I mean, what a sweet way to show someone how much they mean to you. And what a fun way to let your bestie know which scented hair fragrance you think matches best with their personality.

Let’s say one of your friends is loud and energetic and a bit spunky. What hair perfume should they get? My first thought was Coconut Mango with it’s beachy vacation vibe. Or maybe she would like Citrus Sugar to play with her many sides of her bubbly life? Then there’s the introvert. She’s all books, coffee shops, and farmer’s markets. I’m thinking a little bit of the warm vanilla vibe you get from Cupcake or autumn day scents you get from Apple Pear. Both are perfectly cozy. Just like friends come in all shapes and sizes, Hair Shots comes in all flavors you could ever need. But they are all the same shape! Ha!

Let your ride or die pals know how much you love them and maybe just get them a bundle if you’re feeling generous! But don’t forget to treat yourself too.

See you next week,