Spray-In Hair Spray Saves the Day!

It’s hot. The only thing I need is spray-in hair spray now. The sun keeps coming out each day which means so does my hair perfume. I am sweating every day like a sinner in church. Ya feel me? I love so much that I created hair shots to be heat-activated. Which is like…blessings on blessings on blessings.

Spray-In Hair Spray Get in the Way

spray-in hair spray

Do you know what else is so amazing about hair fragrances? the fact that they can spice up (literally) any old ‘do you can do! I’m serious. Some days I just don’t want to mess with anything fancy. Sometimes it’s simply a ponytail. Or just an air dried mess. I mean, if I’m just running to the grocery store, why not? Then I just spritz in a little Citrus Sugar and wham bam magic hair! Honestly, who cares what my luscious locks look like if they just totally smell amazing am I right? Like spritz it in and let’s head to the beach!

So whatever hair style you do, wear with it confidence and add some flavor flair with Hair Shots.

See you next week,