Good Smelling Hair Vibes Only

Good morning…I mean good smelling hair vibes to you! It’s gonna be a good day with you and Hair Shots. I can feel it! And today I’m focusing on the perfect bundle to finish out summer. Can you believe we are already half way through July?! Make it stop! I need to freeze time! I need more parties, which is why I’m grabbing my Mixer bundle to help me dance through until Fall.

Good Smelling Hair Vibes Please

good smelling hair

First off in the bundle is Coconut Mango deliciousness, which is your ticket to a deserted island my friends, but leave the monkey hair at home. Take this combo wherever you go.

Second in the group is Cotton Candy sweetness hair perfume. Amusement park days? This is your go-to. One spray will sweeten your locks immediately.

Finally in the group is Asian Green scented hair spray. Let the rainforest take you away with this sweet scent. Who needs summer rain when you have this hair fragrance?

With this Mixer bundle nothing can go wrong the rest of the summer. I’ll be jumping from party to party and festivity to festivity with this fun group. Grab yours today!

See you next week,