Sweeten Your Locks and Stay Beach Ready

Sweeten your locks this summer every and you will always be beach ready! I’m serious! Let’s make a mid-year resolution. Celebrate a Christmas in July meets New Year goals type of holiday with me and pledge to spritz in your favorite Hair Shot every day to stay fresh and cool during this record high heat filled summer.

Sweeten Your Locks

sweeten your locksBeach days are happy days. Even rainy ones. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad beach day. And nothing keeps me in beach mode quite like Coconut Mango hair perfume. This rich combination of the two most “beachy” fruits I could think of will keep you far away from getting monkey hair. Fruitify your hair cast away the sweat. Find yourself a deserted island and relax. Shoot, even a deserted pool will work too. Nothing I love more than going my neighborhood pool and being the only neighbor there.

Now for those of you who can’t just stick to one flavor of hair fragrance, check out my bundle called Summer Fun. Not only does it feature Coconut Mango, but also comes with the sun filled scented hair mists Strawberry and Watermelon. Those are perfect for picnics and lake days.

Comment below which one is your go-to summer scent and let me know where you took it this year!

See you next week,