Stars and Scented Hair Spray

It’s July 4th Weekend! Yippee! Stars and Scented hair spray…er, um, I mean stripes. No wait, I totally mean hair perfume! Finally a weekend full of fun in the sun. There’s going to be beach and lake parties. Followed up with yummy BBQ and roasting weenies! Then there will be bonfires and fireworks and a grand old band sining those patriot tunes. What could be better? Maybe if it was just a little cooler?

Scented Hair Spray, Stars, & Stripes

scented hair sprayWith all the festive freedom activities, I’m definitely going to be working up a sweat trying to get to every single one. I don’t want to miss out, the FOMO is real over here! Plus every one is in town. We all come crawling out of air conditioned homes and brave the sun to have a little American fun. Good thing I’ve always got a bottle of hair perfume in my bag or in my car. You always got to be smelling right, can I get an amen? And there is nothing I love more on a July 4th day like a cold slice of watermelon. Dab a little salt on there and I’m good. Yes, I put salt on my watermelon, it’s fabulous. You should all be doing it. But why not continue the good and keep smelling like watermelon all day? Well you can! With the help of my little hair shots friend, Watermelon. I know, I went real creative with that name. But hey, you know exactly what you’re in for after all. However you slice it up…you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you decided to give it a go.

Please go out there and have a great day with friends and family. And please, please, please, stay safe and make smart choices! I want to see you all next week!