Sweeten Your Locks Before School Girl

Sweeten you locks girl! It’s time to get ready for school! Yes, I said it. It’s that time of the year again, where we put away our itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini and pull out our backpacks and loafers. Okay, maybe you’re more a sneakers gal, but do you know what everyone totally needs this year? Hair Shots.

Sweeten Your Locks Girl

sweeten your locksRaise your hand if you’re going to college for the first time this year! And you’ll be rushing a sorority? Well then hair perfume is a must have! If you didn’t know already, it’s hot. And when you’re traveling from house to house, in the sun, the sweat is going to come. Like you need one more thing to stress about am I right? Let me do the work for you baby girl. Grab yourself a bottle of Cupcake hair spray and you’ll be good to go. Spice it up for the next day and try Citrus Sugar hair fragrance. Either one, any flavor, you will totally be a hit and find a group of girls that will become your best friends for life! Trust me, I was in one! Some of my best friends to this day I have because of my sorority.

Now who’s out there starting middle school? High school? Third grade?! All of those things can be totally scary. But you got this. This year is going to be nothing. You will succeed! And you’ll learn so much and make such good friends. So whether you’re spending hours on the playground, or running track and field, or maybe spending some much needed time in the band room practicing the drums, Hair Shots is here for you. Go out there and be a rocker, a scientist, an actress, a teacher, a mathematician, a strong woman with no fears. Go and be and smell amazing while you do it. We love you.

See you next week,