Easter Baskets Full of Hair Fragrance!

Happy Easter to you! It’s this weekend can you believe it? It feels super early this year but it is one of my most favorite times of the year. The family gets all back together since Christmas and I love catching up with each and every member. Plus who doesn’t love a little egg hunt? Or waking up to see what’s in your basket! Maybe some hair fragrance? I think yes!

hair fragrance Easter also means Spring is officially here if it hadn’t felt like it so far…especially those out there who still have snow on their lawns! Hate to break it to you, but Texas is already getting that 80 degree weather and soon enough we will be wishing for that snow. But now, it’s the time to fill those baskets. And why not fill them with Hair Shots? Almost any scent will do! I say it’s time to break out Watermelon hair perfume and Strawberry hair fragrance. Nothing sounds like spring and bunnies and happiness like fresh picked fruit!

Also, coming up, you will see me at a local volleyball tournament! I can’t wait to meet so many girls and their teams and get you all hooked up with Hair Shots! I know my sports girls need this! I will get you all the details next week, but until then…check here for locations to get your last minute Easter gifts or shop online here!

See you next week and have a lovely Easter,