Bamboo Hair Fragrance

Happy January everyone! I can’t believe the month is almost gone! Crazy how 2015 has just taken me by storm. It feels like I already need a vacation. But who has time for that? Instead, I’ll just be over on my couch, drinking my homemade coconut cream coffee and spritzing in my Bamboo hair fragrance. Hello Hawaii….

hair fragranceDo you dig Earthy stuff? Are you a Panda lover? How about just a general lover of the world and all it’s creatures? If you answered yes to at least two of those questions then it’s time to flaunt the flora of the forest with my Bamboo Hair Shot! This scented hair mist starts out strong and gradually fades into a deep woodsy scent that’s perfect for getting back to your roots and picturing yourself in a soothing jungle like environment. Mother Nature will soon be your right hand man as you navigate the perils of second day hair and a trip to the gym before work. Bamboozle all those issues with Bamboo hair fragrance.

Click here to purchase your hair fragrance online or look here for a store near you. I’m off to imagine an adventure straight from Jumanji with my Bamboo Hair Shot!

See you next week,