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Tips, Tricks, & Smelly Hair Schticks

I love smelly hair. I love people. And I love people who have smelly hair.  Hearing about issues like these is my favorite thing because then I get to brainstorm and help you out! One of the ways that I can help you (stinky hair remedy searchers) is by providing you with my basic tips on keeping your hair fresh and... Read More

Spray Away Smelly Hair with a Fruity Kick

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved seeing fruit trees. Apples, oranges, pears, all kinds. And I always wanted my own. In my tiny little backyard, I wanted a giant apple tree. Sad story, I never got it. But my love for juicy fruit still lives! Apple Pear hair perfume was created to spray away smelly hair keep you... Read More

Smelly Hair Be Gone with Apple Pear Hair Fragrance

Next week September begins and honestly my mind is already on pumpkin spice lattes. That’s right, the moment September hits fall has begun. It’s already sweater season in the fashion world and everything is becoming a beautiful red, orange, yellow combination. Not to mention, all the yummy autumn food.... Read More

Get Back to School with Luscious Locks through Scented Hair Mist!

Hello my lovelies! It is mid-August which means, unfortunately, it’s time to say goodbye to summer and hello to a new school year. We here at Hair Shots are sad to see our pool days slip away but we know it’s time to get on that work grind. And time for you to study hard at school! But how will you ever be... Read More

Hair Odor: Tamed and Ready to Go

Do you know what I absolutely cannot stand about most beauty products? So you fall in love with something special and you buy the bottle. But then you are going on a trip or headed to the gym or off to a slumber party and suddenly you have to pack smart. And you need smaller items. I’m talking travel-size. So... Read More

Bamboo Hair Fragrance

Happy January everyone! I can’t believe the month is almost gone! Crazy how 2015 has just taken me by storm. It feels like I already need a vacation. But who has time for that? Instead, I’ll just be over on my couch, drinking my homemade coconut cream coffee and spritzing in my Bamboo hair fragrance. Hello... Read More

New Hair Shots Website is Here!

Hello pretties! This has been a very exciting past couple of weeks for everyone over here at Hair Shots. When we weren’t in the lab cooking up some new on-the-go hair fragrances, we were working with our very important web team. They have been slaving my friends, on getting us a brand new, totally up to date and... Read More

Fun Hair Fragrance Fact: We’re in Illinois!

Home of the Sears Tower – the tallest building in North America – Illinois is a pretty cool state. It’s  got the windy city of Chicago and Metropolis, home of Superman! Do you know what else can be found in the “Prairie State?” On-the-go Hair Perfumes of course! That’s right ladies... Read More

Hair Shots loves Pigtails & Crewcuts!

Shout out! Shout out! Shout out! It’s time for a shout out! The title says it all folks, Hair Shots loves Pigtails & Crewcuts! With locations in Colorado, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia there is sure to be one in your area for you! These stores stock all our beloved scented hair mists.... Read More

California Dreaming….of Hair Perfumes!

Hello my lovelies! Another week, another state shoutout! Now one of the reasons I love Texas so much is that I love living in big giant states! The bigger the better! So of course I made sure Hair Shots are available in the big ol’ state of California!  It’s so pretty there and they have the perfect... Read More

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