Fun Hair Fragrance Fact: We’re in Illinois!

Home of the Sears Tower – the tallest building in North America – Illinois is a pretty cool state. It’s  got the windy city of Chicago and Metropolis, home of Superman! Do you know what else can be found in the “Prairie State?” On-the-go Hair Perfumes of course! That’s right ladies and germs…it’s another state shoutout!!

First up, I’ve got two locations in Chicago, where the Lincoln Park Zoo resides, one of the few remaining free zoo’s. Rock Candy off Lincoln Avenue and Pickles Playroom off West Lawrence Avenue carry every single one of your favorite scented hair mists. These two hair salons are super yummy for kids with play areas and fun shaped seats that will be perfect for your little one. 

Next up, I’ve got Boozle B’s in Plainfield. This is a great salon for kids, but they also cut Mommy and Daddy’s hair too! So now, get your hair done can be a family affair! Finally, if you live in Oak Park, Lemonmade Style and Snips is the place for you! This place has a pretty vintage feel with adorable old timey car shaped chairs! 

Now, if you live in Illinois and all these places are just too far…online shopping is the way to go to get your beloved Hair Shots! And if you don’t even live in Illinois, check out all our locations here for one near you!

See you next week,