Go Back to School with Hair Shots!

Can you believe it’s already August? This summer has simply flown by my friends. And it’s that time of year again! Time to go back to school shopping! Once you have stockpiled on pens, pencils, colors, and notebooks, you will have to go shopping for those other school necessities too. 



So grab that new toothbrush and extra shampoo bottles. And throw an extra deodorant in the gym bag, but don’t forget to also toss in a bottle of your favorite on-the-go hair perfume! Spray that Asian Green scented hair mist in your son’s gym bag, you won’t be disappointed and the more Earthy fresh scent won’t leave him feeling like you are using a “girly” item. Give your cheerleader the Cupcake hair perfume so she can feel her brightest and cheeriest! Even the youngsters love Hair Shots too! I know plenty of four year olds who always go for the Cotton Candy hair fragrance

Ahh…this school year is already smelling so great. Shop at these locations or order online to get this year started! 

See you next week,