California Dreaming….of Hair Perfumes!

Hello my lovelies! Another week, another state shoutout! Now one of the reasons I love Texas so much is that I love living in big giant states! The bigger the better! So of course I made sure Hair Shots are available in the big ol’ state of California! 

It’s so pretty there and they have the perfect weather for…yup you guessed it! Hair Fragrances! So, if you live Roseville, Santa Monica, or Palo Alto, today is your lucky day! Because those are the cities with stores that carry my scented hair mists! 

Let me break it down for ya…

  • Jack and Jillybeans Salon – Roseville on Harding Blvd. (If you stop here, I say try Watermelon hair perfume!)
  • Number One Beauty – Santa Monica on Montana Ave. (If you stop here, I say go for Coconut Mango hair spray, perfect for the beach!)
  • Snip Its – Palo Alto on El Camino. (And if you stop here, I say try out Bamboo on the go hair spray for a real Earthy feel!)

I am always working on placing my Hair Shots in many, many locations, but if these are still too out of reach for you, shopping online is easy peasy my friends!

See you next week,