Happy Fourth Hair Fragrance Fans!

We are back in July! One of my favorite months of the summer because I feel like there is so much celebration this month! Also, nothing feels more like summer than the month of July. And this Friday is Independence Day! 

I will be celebrating with my family and friends and even going to a live concert in the evening! This is July 4th is going to be grand, I can feel it. 

And this Independence Day I am feeling like Apple Pear scented hair spray is the go to fragrance. I mean, I can already smell the home made apple pie that I know will be served after dinner this Friday. And seriously, if apple pie doesn’t scream American then I don’t know what does! And not only does this scented hair mist smell of yummy apples, but it’s got pear tossed in! And I love the smell of this on the go hair perfume so much that I might actually try tossing in some pears to my own apple pie.

Speaking of which, does anyone have an amazing apple pear pie recipe I could borrow? If not, I’ll just spray my Hair Shots all around the house and fill it up with yumminess that way!

Happy Fourth Everyone! See you next week,