Watermelon Scented Hair Spray Saves the Day!

Hello my lovelies! We are in full swing summer time. Which means that there will be so much swimming going on. I mean, I myself have planned a pool day for tomorrow and I could not be more excited about it. 

bottle-watermelonBut, before I jump in the pool, I’m spraying in and packing my on the go hair perfume scent, Watermelon. It’s yummy and summery and it will keep away the chlorine smell that will definitely take up space in my hair! Especially if you have to run a few errands after the pool with no time to shower? No one wants that lingering “pool smell.” Good thing my scented hair mists will save the day! And you should go for Watermelon this season, it’s quickly becoming my go-to hair fragrance! 

Good luck with your swimming adventures and keep the chlorine away with Hair Shots!

See you next week,