Hair Shots loves Pigtails & Crewcuts!

Shout out! Shout out! Shout out! It’s time for a shout out!

The title says it all folks, Hair Shots loves Pigtails & Crewcuts! With locations in Colorado, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia there is sure to be one in your area for you! These stores stock all our beloved scented hair mists. Everything from Coconut Mango hair perfume to Watermelon hair fragrance to Bamboo scented hair spray! All the ones you love!

This is a perfect place for you to take your little boys and girls to get their first hair cut or their fifteenth! These stores have expert staff who welcome kids with open arms and give them a fun experience! They have fun shaped chairs and many games to keep kids occupied. Pigtails & Crewcuts also host fun parties with games, cool gifts, and activities!


So call for an appointment or just walk in! Perfect place for you and you can pick up some of your beloved Hair Shots!

If you don’t live near these stores, there’s always online shopping!!

See you next week,