Adventure Hair Say What

Adventure hair awaits. Oh, the adventure hairs we will go on. Oh darling, let’s be adventurer hair.

I love famous quotes. And I love bending them to my will. Ha. Okay, so you’re probably thinking to yourself, “What on Earth does Amy even mean by saying that!?” Is that a thing? It most certainly is!

Adventure Hair? How Do I Get It?

adventure hairExcellent question my friends. You get it by being curious with a little dash of Hair Shots. Let’s say you become curious about climbing up a beautiful mountain. What would give you confidence? What if it was just a little spritz of Asian Green hair perfume? I think that could be the kicker to filling up your confidence bottle. Then the next thing you become curious about is exploring an abandon building or landmark. It’s dark, it’s eerie, so you need Cotton Candy hair fragrance. Wait, what? You heard me, if you smell like lighter times then the dark and eeriness won’t seem so intense! Reverse psychology…or something like that. Then suddenly you’re sailing the seven seas! You’re fighting off pirates and trying not to fall for the beautiful sounds of the sirens. Have no fear, Coconut Mango hair perfume is here! This hair shot will totally keep you focused on finding the booty. Uh…I mean treasure…pot of gold?

Whatever adventure you choose, there’s no doubt a scented hair mist fit for the occasion. Let me know where you find yourself in the comments below! And don’t forget to follow our daily excursions on Facebook and Instagram!

See you next week,



Most of my adventures are just me trying to finally get over to the grocery store. Honestly, what a hassle. So feel good if that’s as good as it gets for you too!