Excellent Hair…or is it Eggcellent Hair?

Excellent Hair. Eggcellent Hair.

Get it? Am I funny or what? I’m super funny. Okay, maybe I’m just punny. Maybe. But how could you not be? It’s the season of eggs and bunnies and chocolate and springtime and just all around goodness! And to me nothing smells quite like spring like the scents of some yummy fresh fruit.

excellent hairExcellent Hair with Strawberry Hair Shots

This April and well into May I want nothing but the juicy scent of Strawberry hair perfume tingling off my roots down to my edges. Sounds pretty eggcellent does it not? Tee-hee! I can’t help myself. This hair fragrance will truly boost your mood if we have rainy days ahead. Spring showers are still a thing right? Well forget them! Because Strawberry scented hair mist is your saving grace this year. Frolic through strawberry fields forever without even leaving your front porch. Or couch. No judgement here! Couches are comfy. Just try Strawberry!

Whether or not you celebrate Easter today, just take time to be with those you love, friends or family or both! Its always a good day when you take time out to celebrate fellowship and community. No matter how big or small. And it’s always a good excuse to make some yummy food! Can I get a shout out some sweet potato casserole! Have an eggcellent week!

See you next week,