Say I Do to Wedding Hair

wedding hairSay hello to wedding hair! That’s right, we are on the cusp of wedding season. Spring has sprung and so have the lace and frills and flowers and the flowing gorgeous luscious locks of your head. Ahhh wedding bliss…or is it?

Wedding Hair Don’t Care

There are so many of those shows that revolve around finding the right dress or wedding event coordinators or even the, dare I say it, bridezillas. But honestly how terrible is that term? I mean weddings are stressful! They are not easy things to plan and put it together so can ya blame a girl for going a little nuts? We just want our dreams to come true! I don’t think that’s too much to ask. I think if you are ever a bride then you have just as much right to also be a “bridezilla.” But don’t let your hair be the thing that makes you question every decision you have ever made.

One of the things I’ve learned from being around hair, is that for something as important as a wedding, you have to practice want you want. So why not also try out which Hair Shot to use too? When planning your wedding hair, don’t forget to plan your wedding scented hair mist!

Are you having a a festive jig with bright, bright colors? Spring for Cotton Candy hair perfume. Maybe you’re going for more of a forrest nymph vibe, then grab that Asian Green hair fragrance. Whatever you choose, tag #weddinghair and #hairshots and let us know which one made your day wedding hair bliss!

See you next week,