Good Smelling Hair Perfume is On The Way!

A new good smelling hair perfume is coming soon. Spring has sprung and it’s time to get into that lab and get working!

Good Smelling Hair Perfume Forever

good smelling hair perfumeThis is one of my favorite parts of my job. I get to be super creative and become a mad scientist. Insert evil laugh here.

Oh who am I kidding? Everything I make is done with love and fun, not evil of course! But like every time I put on my lab coat, I always need to consult with my advisors. Who are my advisors? You guys! That’s right, when it comes to making a new hair scent, I only need to hear from the friends who love and use them.

What would you love to see…or should I say smell? Maybe you are ready for a new fresh scent. Something like rain or gardenia. We can also add some new fruity vibes. Let’s see there is always something like honeydew melon or grapes. Maybe you want something a little funky? A little pink bubblegum or mint julep? Honestly the list of good smelling hair perfume ideas goes on and on!

Comment below or on any of my social media pages and let me hear (see!) your voice.

Love you guys. See you next week,