Hair Deodorizer Spray: A Summer Camp Essential

Ya’ll it is almost summer which means summer camps! So you have to make sure your little campers pack their hair deodorizer spray. I mean how many 10 year olds do you know who will remember to take a shower if you’re not there to tell them?

Hair Deodorizer Spray Saves The Day

hair deodorizer sprayWhen I was in college I would go to summer camp as a counselor every summer. I was always in charge of 5th grade girls. What an age. It’s like just past being a kid but not yet a teenager. A weird in between age where, thankfully, they don’t spend an hour getting ready to do anything. Just brush the hair and go! Although I would always bring fun hair bands, hair clips, and glitter spray gel to show off tribe spirit. I just wish I had already had Hair Shots at the time! It would have been life changing. Seriously for a whole week of camp, I had to beg those girls to hop in the shower and wash off the lake hair. Having scented hair spray would have been a dream!

And now it is a dream come true for campers these days! So whether you are sending on your sweet one for a week of camp or for eight weeks of camp, make sure they have their favorite bottle of hair fragrance. Not to mention late night bonfires! Smoke mixed with lake water? Ha, what a mess! Don’t worry, I got you. Comment below which hair perfume will be your camp essential this summer!

See you next week,