Hair Freshener is for the Nature Nuts

Good morning Moms! Today is your day! How wonderful is that? Did you get the hair freshener you always dreamed about? I hope you did! And thank goodness the weather is just simply sublime.

Hair Freshener Forever

hair freshenerI love being a mom. And I love my mom and all the moms in my life. There are so many. One of my favorite memories of my mom are all the times we would bake cookies together. Especially during the summer when school was out. My favorites ones to make were sugar cookies because that meant I got to decorate them with colored icing! And in the summer we would always use our flower cookie cutters. I would make yellow sunflowers, purple tulips, and then a whole bunch of pink flowers. Then we would make a picnic in the backyard and eat them all up while surrounded by wildflowers. I remember the way the grass smelled and the simpleness of the outdoors. Don’t you wish you could smell that all the time? Thankfully I created a hair shot just for that.

Hello Asian Green hair freshener! With hints of the rainforest and raw nature, this hair perfume is perfect if you’re trying to get back to your roots. Go green, with Asian green hair fragrance.

What is one of your favorite memories of mom or someones who was like a mom to you? Or if you’re a mom, your favorite thing about it? Comment below!

See you next week,