Hair Fragrance is for All Moms, Aunts, & Grandmothers!

Happy Mother’s Day! Almost…okay, so it’s a week away, plenty of time to get her some hair fragrance! Yes my friends it’s time to stock up. Ahh…but the real question is what hair perfume is the one for her? Which scent is the perfect embodiment of what makes your mom…mom? Or any mom in your life for that matter.

Hair Fragrance For All

hair fragranceFor example, there’s nothing my mom loves more than a clean house. I think there’s a sense of pride you get when you can show off something you’ve built up and worked hard for, like a clean house. Do you know what hair shot this remind me of? Well Asian Green hair fragrance of course!

But also my mom is a teacher, she educates the little ones. Her classroom is always so fun and colorful! So now I’m thinking…hmmm…what hair scent is super bright and adorable? Cotton Candy!

But then I remember, my mom loves Hair Shots. Come on you guys, you don’t think she was one of my early testers? And guess what scent she always asks for refills for? Cupcake!

So I need your help. What does a daughter do? Do I try to introduce new potential love into her life or do I get what she knows to be tried and true?

Comment below and let me know what Hair Shot you’re getting for the mothers in your life!

See you next week,