It’s hot, grab a hair shot.

Did you know there are hundreds of ways to use coconut and mango in your life? First there’s food, mango salsa, coconut cream pie, etc. Decoration designs, like hanging fake mangos for a luau, or the classic coconut bra. Then’s there’s beauty purposes, coconut oil as makeup remover and I just learned that mango skin helps in reducing dark spots! And we can’t forget the MOST important use of coconut and mango…drum roll please! Of course I’m talking about the amazing Coconut Mango Hair Shot! 

hair shotNothing says summer relaxing like a fruity drink with an umbrella straw. And if you can’t make it to the beach or luau, let this scented hair mist be your relief. There is no time this summer for you to have to worry about the money mess that is your hair. It’s hot, it’s humid, we just don’t want to mess with it. So those days that require a hat or a pony tail, a little spritz of the Coconut Mango hair shot can really take your hair blah to a hair ta-da! Really, I’m providing a rescue service when you think about it. And with a solid 5 star rating…who could refuse?

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