Hair Fragrance To Fit Your Lifestyle

Hello friends and welcome to another week of being trapped in our houses. How fun. Suddenly I am LIVING for the days I need to go to the grocery store or the pharmacy. Obviously I have to limit those the best I can, oh but when I’m free to go, it’s a dream! And I always bring a bottle of hair fragrance with me. It’s the perfect size for the on-the-go adventures. Even during a pandemic because let’s be real, I’m washing my hair like once a week at this point, if that. I know it may be to the grocery store, but I still want to smell a little fresh! Also don’t friends go too long without showering because seriously I’m starting to forget. My besties and I all started an accountability text chain. Seriously! We all check in to see if we washed our hair…brushed our teeth…even put on deodorant! You should all try this for real.

Hair fragrance and lifestyleHair Fragrance Life

This week to make me feel alive I’m using Bamboo hair perfume. Nothing smells like the outdoors like Bamboo. This bottle is a pure mix of the woodsy vibes of Mother Nature mixed with every dreamy tropical flower you can imagine. It’s like stepping into a rainforest. In a time where all day I dream of being outside, exploring the world, this helps me hope for that day. Because it will come. Now that we have faith in. And in a little bottle of hair fragrance.

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