Hair Freshener Keeping You Smelling Green

Happy St. Patty’s Day everyone! Do you have your hair freshener ready? Because I know you will all be outside partying and then you will all smell. The sun is finally out and you are all going to get so sweaty and stinky! Don’t try to argue with me about that you know it’s true.

hair freshener and st patty's dayA Hair Freshener St. Patrick’s

I love this holiday. Honestly I doubt most people even know the true meanings behind it. I mean, don’t hate me, but neither do I. I should do some more research. But I just love dressing in green – my favorite color. I love any excuse to get together with my friends. And I love eating a cuisine that I don’t normally eat on a regular basis. Corned beef anyone? Bacon and cabbage? Mashed potatoes?! Ok I actually eat mashed potatoes all the time, but you get the point. Do you dress up for St. Patrick’s Day? Do you actually know the history of it?

I also use any holiday as an excuse to eat all kinds of sweets. And some yummy Irish one’s include bread pudding, whiskey truffles, and literally anything with cake in the title. Which is why today when I hunt for that pot of gold, I’m using Cupcake hair perfume. Hello fresh deliciousness. Today I’m believing that if I smell good then the good things will find me. That’s my luck today. We’ll see.

How are you celebrating? Any traditions? Anyone of my Hair Shots users actually Irish and from Ireland? Give me a shout! I would love to learn all about you and the details of today.

I hope you guys have the best holiday.

See you next week,