Hair Mist Spray and the Autumn Season!

hair mist spray and first day of fallHappy official autumn friends! Grab your Cupcake bottle of hair mist spray and let the season of yummy treats and warm smells begins. Okay so maybe it’s still like 80 degrees outside, but if you light a pumpkin scented candle it’s basically fall then right? Put up your orange and yellow decorations and it will totally set the mood.

Cupcake Hair Mist Spray

One of my favorite things to do to relax and unwind is to bake something delicious. Pies, brownies, cookies, cakes, I do it all. And what I love most, is cupcakes! That first whiff of vanilla deliciousness you get when you open the oven to take the tray out is just unbeatable. So obviously I had to bottle that feeling! That way, even if I don’t have time to whip up something quick, I can still smell like I’ve spent my entire day in a bakery. And who wouldn’t want that?

Well I’m hoping it starts to cool down soon. I just want to wear all my cozy sweaters and stomp on all the crunchy leaves with my boots. Yet here I am sitting in my living with the air conditioner on blast in shorts and a t-shirt. Ahhh soon there will be an autumn breeze. Soon! Hopefully. Maybe. We can all pray.

What are your favorite things about fall and what are you looking forward to the most in the season change? Comment below with your answer and follow me on TwitterInstagram,and Facebook for daily updates and save 10% off your order of $60 or more with code: STOCKUP.

See you next week,