Hair Perfume Spray and a Happy Easter Day!

Happy Easter my loves! The Lord is Risen and the Easter Bunny has left us some chocolate-y treats!  So ya’ll know about I’m about praise Jesus and then pray I don’t gain any extra pounds. Either way the hair perfume spray team is celebrating today!

perfume spray and easterHappy Hair Perfume Spray Day

I love this weekend. I love all the joy it brings into my family and friends. One of my favorite things to do is the egg decorating. There are so many different techniques! You can simply put stickers on them or color them with crayons. Or use a white crayon to make a design and then dip them in dye. Recently I learned that you wrap them up in an old silk tie and then boil them the design of the tie will transfer over! How cool is that? And then you have all these beautiful works of egg art to display on your table around the big Easter feast!

But before that it’s the Easter egg hunt! This year in preparation I sprayed in Cotton Candy hair perfume spray. You gotta smell good after all the hustling! We take the hunt very seriously in my family. First we do a hunt for the kids. Second, we do a hunt for the adults. I found 14 eggs this year and made seven dollars! Not only did I find delicious candy, I smelled like it too. People were impressed. Also…seven dollars! Half of my eggs had dollars. So yeah, I won the hunt this year. No big deal. And then we ate ham. Ha!

What are some Easter traditions that you share with your family and friends? What do you look forward to each year? Comment below and let me know! Maybe I’ll try something new next year.

See you next week,