Hair Scent Your Troubles Away with a Spa Day

Hello my loves. It’s about that time of the year again when I’m feeling like a change to my hair do. I feel like hair is such a fun thing to play with all the time. You can do so many things and try out so many styles. It’s like a new adventure without, you know, like risking your life. In my opinion. Ha. Just like trying a new hair scent! Duh.

Hair Scent Your Life

hair scentNow trying to get your kids to try a new hair style is a whole other excursion in itself. In my experience most kids don’t like change. And I get that. Having a routine for your babies is key. But also making it easier on yourself getting them ready in the morning is like a major key. So the easier the style the easier it is to eat breakfast on time. That’s where Pigtails & Crewcuts comes in! This incredible kids hair salon knows all the tips and tricks of the trade and can give your kids (and yourself!) the hair style of their dreams.

They have a totally kid friendly environment and will even throw spa day parties for any occasion. Of course, the best part is, they have a fully stocked Hair Shots display so you can leave with your favorite hair scent. A dream come true.

Comment below with your photos of your new cut if decide to get one this fall season! Better hurry, Christmas and the holidays are right around the corner and you know how crazy they can get!

See you next week,