Coconut Mango Hair Fragrance-A-Go Go

hair fragranceProduct shout out time! There are nine different types of hair fragrance which means there’s one for every occasion and more than one for each day of the week! How grand is that? This week I am living for Coconut Mango hair perfume. Sure, autumn is among us and winter is right around the corner but this week I have a craving for the beach one last time. Coconut Mango is my secret escape there.

Hair Fragrance Getaways

Don’t just love a good escape? Well that’s what you can get from a hair scent. You might be stuck in an office but your hair is out surfing the waves. And it lasts all day! Our client Taylor says:

I can’t stop ordering this scent. I love that it stays in my hair from 8am to 8pm (even after I work out)! I honestly don’t like the smell of my hair without it.

How magical is that? No matter which hair scent your choose, it’s gonna last for as long as you need it! There’s sweet ones and fresh ones and scents that make you feel warm and cozy but ones that also make you feel cool and breezy. Whatever your mood may be, whatever far off place you are dreaming about, trust me, there is a hair perfume for you.

Which one of the delicious nine will you choose? Comment and let me know your favorite!

See you next week,