Hair Perfume Party Time!

hair perfumeHello friends! Who had a crazy party weekend? I hope you brought your hair perfume with you! One of the best things about Hair Shots is the size, 3 ounce bottles baby. First of all, it’s perfect TSA approved carry-on travel size. And second, it also means it totally fits in your purse completely unrecognized! Hello sneak attack scented hair spray.

This is perfect if you know you are going to leave the house first thing in the morning and not come back until it’s time for bed. Sometimes you need that midday refresher from running errands or having party weekend. This weekend I stashed away Cupcake hair fragrance.

There’s just something about smelling all warm and cozy all day. Especially since it’s November and peak autumn time! Who has already gone to a pumpkin patch or already put up those Christmas decorations? Oh I know I have some fans that are “Good morning November 1st, time for Santa Clause!” One of my best friends doesn’t even decorate for Halloween and barely puts out any pumpkins. She just holds out for the first and has her tree on standby. It’s like a winter wonderland when I go over to her place. I figure she can decorate for both of us! Christmas at hers!

What fall/winter adventures will you be getting yourself into this week? Any plans for a Friends-giving before the real one with families? Or maybe a Friends-giving is your real Thanksgiving. Let me know your traditions! And which hair perfume will you stash away?

See you next week,