Perfume for Hair Thanksgiving Celebration!

It’s Thanksgiving week! Can you believe it? Because I can’t. Seriously. Like this holiday sure done snuck up on me I tell ya! But I am amped to start eating until it hurts. It’s my favorite past time. Seriously.

perfume for hairPerfume For Hair…idays

Get it. Hair-idays. It’s like holidays, but for your hair. I know. I’m a genius. And for this special turkey week filled with love and gratefulness, I will be sporting my favorite Citrus Sugar hair perfume. With all of the glorious food smells that will fill this week, I don’t want my personal smells overwhelming me. Ha. That sounds gross, just go with it. I’m choosing Citrus Sugar because of how fresh and clean it makes me feel. It’s a beautiful combination of zestiness and sweetness and helps me refresh my mess. And trust me, once I get going in the kitchen, it’s gonna get messy.

We are just days away from the Cowboys game playing in the background while I try to perfectly roast a big fat bird. There will also be apple pie, mashed potatoes, and delicious green bean casserole. Maybe even a small football game in the yard.

What are some Thanksgiving traditions you are looking forward to most? Which perfume for hair will you be using this week? What are you most thankful for this year? I have so many questions! Comment below with all your answers! And feel free to ask these questions back to me. Right now my answers are Cowboys game, Citrus Sugar, and all of you!

See you next week,