Hair Scent Spray Your Way into the Sun!

hair scent sprayHello babes! What is your top hair scent spray? Right now I can’t get enough of Asian Green hair perfume. I just absolutely threw myself into the holiday and winter spirit and now I am all for spring. Is it too early? Mid-January and I’m already wanting to have fun in the sun?! I know, I know, most of America is still covered in snow right now…but not where I am currently! And I just can’t wait to hit the park, go for a spring job, and maybe even do a little camping and get back to nature. So my friends, Asian Green is the perfect hair fragrance to set the tone. When I spritz in this hair scent spray in the mornings I feel completely refreshed. The day feels new and alive, like I can go out and handle anything with the power of the universe.

Hair Scent Spray Love

And speaking of being out in the sun and nature and not having to deal with any cold weather…listen to what one of our loyal customers from Florida has to say about the Asian Green hair shot:

I wish I could give more than 5 stars…not just for this fragrance, but for several of them. I am so in love with Hair Shots! I live in Florida, and basically sweat 11 months out of the year. But, my hair always smells so fresh and clean because of Hair Shots. I spray it in my hair after I shower and it’s sill damp, or when it’s dry any time I need to freshen up. AWESOME PRODUCT!!

THANK YOU TAMMARA for you amazingly kind words! We think Hair Shots is an awesome product for sure!

Don’t be afraid to try any of our scented hair mists to sweeten your locks every day!

See you next week,