Hair Fragrance as Your New Running Partner!

The idea for hair fragrance was born out of a smelly athlete’s mom who couldn’t stand the stench no longer. My daughter ended up with having gym class first thing in the morning for her high school schedule. But with only 10 minutes in between classes, there was no time to have a real shower, just a quick rinse off, no hair washing. So the sweat stayed in the head. No amounts of deodorant or body spray can cover up that stank. And Hair Shots was born. Momma’s always want to help their babies! Now I get to help everyone all over.

Hair Fragrance Dreams

hair fragranceWith the new year, comes lots of new year resolutions. The most common of which, I’m sure, will be working out or getting back in shape or losing just 10 more pounds. Whatever your 2018 goal for health and fitness may be, why don’t you consider taking along a bottle of hair fragrance? Are you considering adding a morning job to the routine? But worried you won’t have enough time to get ready for work because you just love sleep so much? Don’t bother washing your hair, just grab a hair shot and call it a day. With nine different scents, you’ll find one that suites the office, or classroom, or wherever you work best. Personally, I like Citrus Sugar scented hair mist on work days. The tangy citrus zest makes me feel like I’m in a clean space and ready to work, while the sweet sugar keeps me in a happy and spunky mood. It’s an incredible combination.

Don’t forget this extra tie-bit too. Spraying hair shots into shoes works amazing! Going straight from the gym to work? Stinking shoes and gym bag lying in your car all day? Who wants to smell that when it’s time to go home? No one. So spray hair perfume all over your bag and shoes and you’ll be set. Keep the good vibes going all day.

See you next week,