Happy New Year from Your Favorite Hair Deodorizer!

We did it. We made it through another year. I can’t believe it. This hair deodorizer creator is just hair deodorizer and happy new yearbeyond grateful for being able to spend another year with you all.

Happy Hair Deodorizer New Year

When I think back on this past year I can’t help but to smile. It really was a good year. I feel like the best way to start a new year is focusing on the good of the last year. Then in the new year, taking that good and making it even better. Let’s build on what we are blessed to already have in our lives. For me, that’s my amazing family and the joy that comes from making all of YOU smile when you get a new bottle of Hair Shots.

So for that I say THANK YOU! Thank you for being loyal and sticking with me. And for giving me all your feedback. I love hearing stories from you guys about giving or receiving a bottle of hair perfume and how it changed everything for you. It’s just so wonderful. Keep it up!

I think I’m going to welcome 2019 with Strawberry hair fragrance. Which hair flavor will you choose? Comment below and let me know!

See you next year,