Luscious Hair Looks in 3…2…1…

How do you keep your luscious hair looks going after a full day? I mean, what if you get the perfect up-do for an evening but because of some scheduling mishap your appointment is 5 hours before the actual event? How will you ever keep your look in shape? What about those work days that go into work nights? No but seriously…like…what do you guys do?

Luscious Hair Looks Forever

luscious hair looksHere’s what I’m thinking. Always have extra bobby pins. I haven’t met a strand of hair that I couldn’t tame with a few bobby pins…or like 80 of them. Tiny can of hair spray. If for the only reason that it’s just so darn cute. And last, but most importantly not least, Hair Shots. Like I would say anything else. For these hot months I’m thinking Asian Green hair perfume, Citrus Sugar, and Bamboo. It’s a mix of cool and refreshing and little spice. Which is the ideal choice when wanting to feel like you haven’t just spent 8 hours running around like a crazy person or standing in the heat for too long.

Remember you can spray Hair Shots anywhere and you never have to worry about any sort of leftover residue. We use minimal ingredients that are completely vegan! So get out there and start spraying on your hats, your wigs and extensions, and even your shoes! In this heat, everybody and everything thing is going to need some hair fragrance love.

See you next week,