Ring Ring…Summer Hair Spray is Calling

Ahhh the summer. When summer hair spray is always in my bag and the tan lines are growing stronger. Do you have your vacation itinerary set? What’s first on the list? Could it be packing? What?! No! Don’t speak those words you say. Come on guys, we all know that way to a happy vacation is packing properly. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten to my destination only to learn I forgot my toothbrush. Always the toothbrush. God bless hotel gift shops and their ample supplies of dental care.

Hello, This is Summer Hair Spray

summer hair sprayWhat do you always forget when you travel? Hairbursh? Blow dryer? I’ve been trying to let my hair air dry lately, it takes too long to be honest, but my hair does feel healthier. So that’s the point right? But when it air drys, so does the yummy shampoo smell. Thank goodness for Hair Shots! Today I tried Coconut Mango summer hair spray. It’s not time for my vacation just quite yet. So I’m having to improvise. This hair perfume takes me away to a tropical paradise, so luxurious, it couldn’t possibly even be real. The ocean is an impeccable shade of clear blue, with sand so white it makes me look tan. And I’m as pale as they come. Dipping my feet in the sand is the best pedicure I’ve ever had. Umbrella drink in my hand, I lay back and relax and soak up the sun. Ahhh…summer.

Sign me up for that vacation please! Grab your Coconut Mango hair perfume today and join me. Let’s relax together.

See you next week,