Summer Hair is Here!

School is out! Let the summer hair season begin! Finally we can let the beach breeze send us on our way and set our worries aside because the living is easy. Right? Ha! Okay so there will always be something to worry about, so you gotta take a break every once and a while. Why not take a break with Hair Shots?

summer hairSweeten your locks this season with Coconut Mango hair perfume and Citrus Sugar hair fragrance. These two scented hair mists are the perfect go-to’s for any adventures during the hottest time of the year. That’s right it’s the sweat season…uhh I mean, summer season. Whether you are at the beach, the neighborhood pool, hiking a mountain, sailing the seas, or even camping, it’s going to be hot and you are without a doubt, going to sweat. We pick you up where shampoo leaves off. It’s time to eliminate odor and take away at least one thing that may stress you out! It’s relaxing time! So get out there and give it your best, no matter where the wind takes you. And if you super love deals, try our Summer Fun 3-pack bundle!

See you next week,