Perfume for Hair: Now Found at Pigtails & Crewcuts!

Do you spray in your favorite perfume for hair after a fresh cut to keep it lasting as long as you can? Because I sure do. I swear no matter how much product I use, or time spent using hot tools, I can never get it to look the way my stylist did it. But I can ensure it smells salon fresh! I love using Bamboo hair fragrance after a recent cut. I feel like this one keeps it light and I just simply feel invigorated after a new cut and this hair scent helps that feeling stay strong!

perfume for hairOkay now who out there would also like to do that for your kids? I mean you spend quite of bit of time just getting them to sit still in the chair so you have to find a way to keep those cuts lasting right? Well thanks to my friends at Pigtails & Crewcuts, you can get your favorite perfume for hair at any of their locations! This is a marvelous place for kids to come get their very first haircut or their twentieth! They have an incredibly friendly staff that specializes in children’s hair styles and cuts and keeps the environments stress free. And their salons are stocked full of the latest books, toys, and games while the kiddos wait and get their hair cut! How fun! So get ready for an all around good experience. Who does’t love that?

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