Use Common Sense and Get Some Hair Scents

Yesterday I celebrated a good friends birthday and decided to party it up with Cotton Candy and Cupcake hair scents. Honestly what a magically delicious combination. We spent the day outdoors at this wonderful local outdoor market shopping center place. There were all kinds of local goods to buy plus a lot of yummy foods. But guess what happened? People kept smelling my hair! They would walk by and ask what I had eaten or what baked good I possibly could have bought that day. That’s how real these hair scents smelled! They all thought I had candy or goodies with me! How amazing! Of course I had to share my secret. I said it’s my hair! Have you ever heard of Hair Shots? And I preceded to blow their minds. Ha! Okay maybe I didn’t blow their minds but do you know how many people have never even thought there would be something like a hair perfume out there? Well surprise!

hair scentsHair Scents Are Pretty Useful

It was hot yesterday too. I’m so grateful that the more I sweat the more fragrant these scented hair sprays get. Thank goodness. I even wore a dress that had been hanging in my closet all winter and I freshened it up a bit with my Asian Green hair fragrance. Who needs fabric spray when you have Hair Shots? Since it never leaves an oily residue, it’s absolutely flawless to spray on clothes and liven them up if you don’t have time to get them to the cleaners. And since swimsuit season is practically on top of us, I’ve been trying to get back into the gym. Emphasis on trying. So it doesn’t happen every day, but I’ve made it at least once a week and that’s something right? And on the weekends I try to do more outdoor activities. I’ve already confessed to you I went shopping this weekend, but it was outdoors! And next weekend I plan on taking a hike on a nearby trail. Spritzing in Hair Shots before I go, I know I’ll be set for the day if we decide to hit up a favorite lunch spot afterwards.

What are your outdoor activity plans for Spring? Maybe a summer hiking trip? So coastal driving? Let me know!

See you next week,