Hello to Citrus Sugar Hair Mist, Goodbye To Smelly Locks

You know how on day three of not washing your hair, it starts to smell a little…funky? Time to break out Citrus Sugar hair mist! This particular hair perfume is my most recent creation and I am living for it’s spring soon to be summer vibes. It’s sweet but sassy. Cute but also hot. Vibrant yet subtle. This hair fragrance is just the perfect combo!

hair mistCitrus Sugar Hair Mist

So how is this for killer results? Rebekah K. wrote to me saying,

“I had this scent when I ran a 10K and my hair smelt sooooo good after the race! Lasted the whole time I ran and hours after! Best scent I have ever tried from Hair Shots by far!”

Um…excuse me?! Rebekah, you ran a whole 10K and it still smelled fresh? That’s incredible! Also way to finish a 10K! I’m a mess and can barely run 10 yards. So proud of you! Has anyone else completed a 10K? Or a half marathon? Or even a full marathon? One of my best friends will be running the New York Marathon this year and I could not be more excited for him! I won’t be able to attend and cheer him on in person, but you know I will be throwing a celebration when he returns! I will also make sure he is fully stocked on Citrus Sugar hair mist too. It’s such a simple and neutral scent that it works for anyone. And their shoes.

Refresh your mess with Citrus Sugar hair perfume this week and let me know what it helped you get through!

See you next week,