Hair Fragrance Will Help Fool Anyone Your Hair is Freshly Washed!

Oh what a day! It’s Easter and April Fool’s! Were there any baskets out there filled with some hair fragrance? I sure do hope so! I was so busy this last week filling out orders and sending your favorites bottles out as quickly as I could. Don’t want any disappointed bunnies out there. Not to brag, but I totally will, my Easter was wonderful! Spent with the love of family and some darn delicious food. I used my Asian Green hair fragrance today to smell like Spring and embrace the sunshine and freshness. I am just absolutely ready floral print tops and dresses and some comfy and bright sandals. Time for a pedicure! Goodbye winter boots.

Hair Fragrance For The Win!

hair fragranceNow with Spring comes Spring sports! I am very excited to ring in this new season by setting up shop at the Lone Star Classic Volleyball Tournament! This gem of competition is taking place almost every weekend in April! Teams from all over will head to Texas to bring the heat, and you know we are already pretty spicy! I will be setting up a booth and selling hair perfume to girl’s playing the sport that started it all. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it now and I’m sure I’ll say in future blogs to come, I owe it all to volleyball and my daughter’s love of the sport! Her stinky post-practice hair is where it all began. I can’t wait to get out to the gyms and help other girls like my girl see that smelly hair s a worry no more! Now all your tournament winning dreams can come true. Okay, so my fragrance for hair doesn’t actually have magical powers that help you win but I think the smell of Citrus Sugar scented hair spray is pretty darn encouraging.

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See you next week,