Perfume for Hair and for Mother’s On This Special Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there! Thank you for all that you do. I wouldn’t be able to make my perfume for hair without you. Truly. It was my mother instincts that started Hair Shots in the first place and it’s you mommas who need it for your babies that keep me going.

perfume for hair and Mother's DayCoconut Mango Perfume for Hair

Look, some days I feel like crap. Some days being a mother just really gets ya, ya know? Like yes I got all the kids bathed and hair combed but I may have not had the chance to do it myself. They look great and I look disheveled. But you know what? It happens. Happens all the time and you just deal with it. Thankfully, you have a bottle of hair fragrance. Maybe it’s coconut mango and it may be sprayed all up into a messy bun but my goodness it has you smelling like a vacation. Suddenly you’ve been lifted from the carpool line to a private island in Tahiti. You’re sunbathing and instead of children screaming, all you hear are the waves of the ocean and maybe some seagulls. You aren’t chugging your fifth cup of coffee, no, in your hand you have a piña colada. Wow, it’s like I’m there with you, this place sounds magical. Call me if you go.

Ok moms, comment below and let me know how you spent your special day. Did you get any fun and cool gifts from your family? Maybe you did get a new bottle of Hair Shots. If so, let me know which scent! Did your family plan any fun activities? Can’t wait to hear all about today.

See you next week,